Caer Umber

Enoch is more than what is simply on the surface. There are many subterranean districts in every ward, ranging from cities in massive caverns to underground bunkers and vaults. Then there are the near endless number of tunnels, cave systems, subways, sewers, and networks of pipes which also range in size and shape and scope. It should be no surprise that some are abandoned or reappropriated by people that happen upon them. Caer Umber is such a place. Rather, it is a collection of underground places that have become a haven for the denizens of the night. For the undead, who are often shunned and hated in many districts, and the supernatural. The bulk of it is located on - or under - the border of Boreas and Eurus, though there are no doubt subterranean routes into the other wards as well. Many of the entrances are hidden away or not easily reached. In the case of Boreas, typical examples can be found in abandoned subway stations or rundown industrial parks. In Eurus, there may be entrances in graveyards and catacombs.

Caer Umber is about as organized as one might expect. That is to say not really, but services can be found throughout. Activities that might be seen as taboo elsewhere happen with frequency, such as blood drinking and dark rituals. Slaves and thralls can be purchased here as well as blood for vampires and forbidden lore. There are fight pits where creatures such as werewolves duke it out for cash prizes and there are even night clubs, at least on the Boreas side of thing, for goth kids and liches to show off their dark souls to each other on the dance floors. The most famous of these is a place called Colchis. The club is inside a large and ancient cistern converted to provide modern accommodations.

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