Bright Sylphs

One of the older and more prestigious guilds in Enoch, the Bright Sylphs are known for being swashbuckling do-gooders and heroic adventurers. While not especially large, numbering in the hundreds, they have nonetheless left a mark on the City and the people through their deeds. Founded many centuries ago, their primary mission has remained unchanged - help those in need and to protect any from danger. With some modicum of flare. This has included escorting exploration teams beyond the wall, hunting down deadly beasts and criminals, recovering stolen artifacts, and blazing trails through wild lands. While they operate all over Enoch and throughout the Land of Nod, their home will always be Zephyrus. That is where their headquarters is, down on Baker Street; an old multistory apartment complex. The Bright Sylphs also possess an airship, Autumn's Spirit, which is usually used when a large team is assembled. Among their numbers are dashing rogues, gentleman explorers, and noble knights all ready to make a change. One of the most famous being the Wild Rose who retired and took over the Lion and Feather Inn. The symbol of the guild is, not surprisingly a Sylph transposed onto a sun.

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