Boreas is the northern quarter of the city proper and is the most advanced. It represents the modern and post modern eras, the so-called "new" or "information age". Its skyline is dominated by skyscrapers, dwarfed only by the arcologies closer to Anemoi and then the Tower. Added into the mix are expansive parks, woodlands, and contemporary suburbs. The quarter is compromised of many varied districts which bare some resemblance to familiar cultures from so-called "Asian towns" to "Western" and so forth, making it easier to accommodate a very diverse populace. Public transportation is readily available although most remain local and exclusive to Boreas. Magic and other supernatural powers exists in a sort of grey area where people somewhat know of it though many seem readily in denial even while they find themselves within Enoch.

Notable Locations
Caer Umber
Hekate's Corner
Phil's Tavern
Silver Saucer
Wonderland Cafe

Notable Organizations
Ciel Noir
Genesis Genetics Pharmaceuticals
Mahou Heavy Industries
8-Bit Gang
Tyranno Syndicate
Blazing Skulls

Notable People
(none yet!)

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