Blood Swords

Out of all the gangs of bandits and bloodthirsty thugs that roam just outside the walls of Enoch, it is the Blood Swords that are perhaps the most numerous. Their emblem is a slanted red scimitar on an orange field with a single drop of blood hanging from the tip, a fitting symbol for a group whose modus operandi is to attack first and ask questions almost never. They will attack anyone that ventures outside the walls of Enoch and are known to favor preying on newly arrived Otherworlders for whatever exotic trinkets or tools they may've appeared with. Of course even they are not foolish enough to attack in front of the Hastati who protect the gates, but they will seek out stragglers or Otherworlders who stray away from the city. They will strike with speed, surprise, and numbers. Those who have value, a talent or potential, they will force into their ranks while anyone else will be sold into slavery or forced to do labor. The same goes for any adventurers, wanderers, or merchants that leave behind the protection of Enoch while all their valuables are confiscated. That's not to say they'll refuse more willing participants and they will happily lap up castways and people rejected by the City's gates. There is no real uniformity within the group, with knife-wielding thieves just as common as gunslinging desperado.

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