Ashleigh Poplar

Name: Ashleigh Poplar
Age: 19
Height: 5' 6""
Weight: 122
Eyes: Cerluean Blue
Hair: Brown (ponytailed almost always)
Likes: Catching Pokémon, Catching Pokémon, and Catching Pokémon.
Dislikes: Team Rocket, being unable to Catch Pokémon.
Known Affiliations/organization: none currently
Description/History: It's a whole new world she lives in, it's a whole new way to see…. It's a brand new place, with a brand new attitude… but she still gotta Catch 'Em All! And be the best that she can be… Pokémon Enoch.

Ever since arriving to the Enoch Region from her home Region of Kanto, Pokémon Trainer Ashleigh has faced the challenge of a world that doesn't revolve around the strict structure and peculiar logic of her homeland. With the easily tamed beasts of her land… Pocket Monsters or 'Pokémon' now called 'animals' and unable for her to catch, Ashleigh struggles to cope with a massive paradigm shift that leaves her unable to feed her culturally ingrained addiction to catching Pokémon. Even among her Pokémon world peers Ashleigh was particularly obsessed with her Real Test and Cause of catching and training Pokémon so after a life entirely dedicated to it, this otherwise healthy young woman (perhaps too old for this Pokémon training thing!) is on a Route to madness in a Region where she has no role. Can she ever Catch on to a new life here under the Lighthouse? Tune in next episode…

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