Ariel Clara Clemens

Under Evie:

Name: Arial Clara Clemens
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Human (Deceased, Undead)
Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 53 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Alignment: Neutral Good
Known Affiliations/Organizations: Zenith Conglomerate, South Notus Company l.t.d., Notus Expeditionary Inc., Exfinite Trading Union, General Enoch Electrics, Zephyrus Enclave Enterprises, The Future in Eurus Corp.

Description: Arial stands at about 5'6'' and appears rather frail overall. She is noticeably pale-skinned and often seems to have a colder than average skin temperature. She is often found wearing plain clothing that appears softer than normal. When outdoors, she is often seen wearing a large coat over herself, even in the hotter seasons of the solar year.

Known History:
Arial was born as Arial Clara Clemens to the family of Clemens, a family of wealth in Enoch. The Clemens family collective net-worth is 17.343 trillion Lighthouse Dollars (Δ), and as such, Arial grew up in the lap of luxury. Her youth was spent mostly in Boreas where her father worked as a board member of two of the largest trading limited liability companies. At age 19, her family was among thirteen hundred afflicted victims of the Great Plague of Aire, a massive wave of disease that claimed the lives of many citizens who lived in the Aire Hills area of Boreas. Arial and her immediate family were pronounced dead seventy-nine days after the outbreak of the plague.

Nine months after her death, Arial and seven hundred other victims, including her family, were ressurected as undead by the Magician Retharion of the Luna Magicka Academy. Following the arrest of Retharion, the undead group was granted acceptance to the city and many returned to their normal lives. When Arial's family regained the estate, she went on to return to her normal life as well.

Today, seven years after her death, Arial serves on the board of directors of the Zenith Conglomerate and lives with her parents in the New Aire area of Boreas.

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