When people think clubs of ill-repute, they expect them to be in sleazier parts of town, far away from the good and upright citizens. Normally they'd be right but Arianrhod is an exception. An exceptional exception. Owned by Mohammed Ahmed Ibn Fadhlan, known to his friends and close business partners as "Mo", it is a luxurious gentleman's club that sits snugly in a futuristic arcology that is part of a swanky district. It is a place for the rich and powerful, for the upper crust to enjoy some debauchery in safety. For businessmen, mob bosses, and trust fund babies to piss away money for a chance to see beautiful women dance or sing.

Arianrhod occupies multiple floors, the highest of which being a lounge and bar with an impressive view of Boreas. Naturally it reserved for special guests and important people. The floor below that is comprised of private rooms, such as the vaunted champagne room, and Mo's offices which overlook the main floor. Neon lights illuminate the otherwise dark main floor where girls dance on stages or elevated platforms, in cages, and holographic displays. Holograms and projections are incorporated into many of the performances, adding a surreal touch to it all. A large bar sits at the center of it all, with shelves upon shelves of expensive booze on display. Only the best from Mo.

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