Aoyama Kenji

Name: Aoyama Kenji
Age: 18 (born September 9 1981, is from the year 1999.)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 111
Eyes: brown (wears glasses)
Hair: black (likes red hats)
Likes: Low displacement motorcycles/scooters and bicycles, strong flavored small foods (such as dark chocolate), women who have standout and showy attributes about them (as opposed to shy quiet types)
Dislikes: Unwarranted violence
Known Affiliations/organization: none
Description/History: Kenji was born and raised in the United States by his mother Setsuko, a botanist with a specialty in developing new hybrid flowers. His martial-artist, old-money father had never left Japan and is missing-assumed-dead. At the time before his sudden arrival at the Lighthouse City, Kenji was largely occupied with work on his mother's small experimental nursery farm and his first-year studies in university (also in botany.) Kenji is from the year 1999 and as such his knowledge and tastes seem a little behind those of ten, fifteen years later. In any world of adventure, pacifist Kenji brings little more to the scene than a slightly different sort of perspective.

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