Anemoi is figuratively and maybe even literally the heart of the city. It is center of the Enoch, where Pharos is located, and it is where the Viceroy is said to reign. It is in the shape of a circle with three levels or terraces that are separated from the rest of the city by a series of extravagant walls and arches. They are decorated with enormous statues and gargoyles that stand a silent vigil next to the very real maniple legions that prohibit entrance past the first terrace. What resides past these inner boundaries is unknown because only the outer ring is open to the public and anyone who tries to delve deeper is either turned back, arrested, or killed.

The outer ring, known by such colorful nicknames as Purgatory or Elysium, is dominated by grand gardens and elaborate fountains. Public parks stretch over vast tracks of land, decorated with statues and other monuments to things all but forgotten to time. It is in this outer ring that all the other wards, from Boreas to Notus, can mix and mingle with relative impunity though it is under the watchful eyes of the Tower. There are no known residences anywhere in Anemoi, though there are a handful of 'small' palaces. No one lives in these, though, and they seem to serve more as tourist attractions than anything else. Actual permanent businesses are few and far between, largely comprised of little cafes, food stands, and food trucks sprinkled around the outer ring.

Notable Locations
Monument of the Forlorn Hero
Njord's Artisanal Fish Tacos

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