Alchemist City

Nestled somewhere deep in Zephyrus is a place that welcomes fringe sciences and fantastical experiments. A place whose doors are open to mad geniuses and clockwork wizards alike. The occupants of which jokingly call it the Philosopher's Palace while the ill-informed, that is to say everyone else, know it more commonly as Alchemist City. It is a place of privacy, shielding those inside from prying eyes of nosy know-nothings and ignorant plebs who can't possibly appreciate what they do not understand. Few things are taboo here, provided they don't draw the ire of Enoch and its agents, freeing up enlightened minds to explore whatever they wish. Astrology and Astronomy, chemistry and engineering. Steam punk and alchemy. Some of the greatest minds of the industrial age lurk here in their laboratories, spending their days figuring out what will or won't explode, much to the consternation of the neighborhoods that surround Alchemist City.

Hundreds of beat up warehouses, old garages, smog-belching factories, and other facilities make up the City with a few tenements or apartments thrown in to mix things up. There aren't many shops, at least respectable ones, but there are more than a few bars. Because regardless of success or failure, anything is a good reason to get hammered. The streets are dirty, the air is polluted, and the water probably shouldn't be touched because who knows what has been dumped into it. There are unconfirmed reports of three eyed fish and two-headed rats in the sewers and canals on occasion. Street lamps of various kinds can be found providing illumination from the mundane, such as traditional light bulbs or gas, to the more bizarre. Tesla coils, glowing crystals, bioluminescent fish. Clockwork constructs and steam punk works become more common the deeper in one travels and there are even whispers of thaumaturges who weave dark rituals and magics though who can really say if that's true.

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