Alberforth Kalkstein

Name: Alberforth Kalkstein
Age: 56
Height: 5'3" stooped
Weight: Fat
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black, long, and greasy

Likes: Young, curvateous women. Fine food and wines.
Dislikes: Smart women, low society
Known Affiliations/organization: Zephyrus
Description/History: Alberforth Kalkstein is an alchemist in Zephyrus. He does well for himself, and likes to dress that way - fine silks and clothes, imported. But he's a foul creature to behold. Scarred hands that have been dipped too often in mysterious alchemical ingredients often reach lecherously toward young, unsuspecting women. He is a big bully, and thinks himself above his clientele due to his knowledge. He's a smart man, but disgusting. He spends his evenings with various potions and trying to get laid at the local bar.

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