There beyond roads less traveled and wrong turns taken stands a city like no other, an anachronism tucked away behind imposing walls. It is a sprawling metropolis called Enoch that stretches as far as the eye can see, teaming with countless millions who live and die without ever knowing its length or breadth. At the its heart is the great tower Pharos, the Lighthouse, a beacon that casts a brilliant light far and wide. It is a mysterious place set apart from time, built from the stuff of all eras:

To the north, the urban jungle of the 21st century and its quaint suburbia, powered by the digital age.

To the east, the dark ages and fantasy collide, where elves study magic and knights joust for glory.

To the west, the early industrial age wrought of steel and built in brick, smoke billowing from chimneys while men harness the power of steam.

To the south, classical Antiquity comes to life amid ruins and ancient wonders, its marble and bronze statues ever vigilant.

Their coexistence is a mystery that is somehow tied to Pharos and the enigmatic ruler of the city known only as the Viceroy.

Welcome to Pharos Enoch, also known as Fort City, a dynamic role play setting where all genres collide and the past meets the future. It is a place for adventures both big and small, where any character may fit in or stand out.

Here a power armored marine, a Renaissance bureaucrat, a cave man, and some lady from New York City can sit down together for dinner or explore a seedy underworld. Get lost in the concrete jungle or the trackless desert, meet those who would be king or pharaoh or shogun. Commune with spirits or chat with virtual divas.

Anything can happen but remember Pharos, the tower whose height stretches the very imagination, rules over all.

So come join us on the #Darkmyst IRC Server! In character channel is #fort_city, out of character channel is #fc_ooc

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